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Questo e' il mio piccolo blog della mia piccola vita nella mia piccola casa nella Hudson Valley dello Stato di New York.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sophie ....

Someone needs a good grooming after a long winter !


  1. Ah ah ah...
    ... quanto è dolce !!!!!!!

    Tante coccole a Sophie e un grande abbraccio a te, amica mia!

  2. Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table,but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

    Mango Juice

  3. Dearest Lorraine;
    Oh, lovely Sophie look SO comfortable♡♡♡ I wish I had a dog I can have inside the house... Haha, someone doesn't allow me p;)
    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  4. Oh, little Sophie is so cute! I know my little dog comes home being all prissy after going to the groomers! Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,

  5. omg, what a cutie!!

    love your blog and wish you a happy weekend~

  6. ma quant'è carina e dolce , sembra una pallina di neve
    ti abbraccio cara , buon week end !

  7. Sophie is so sweet. I can't wait to get another fur baby, although no pet could ever replace Bonne Blue in my heart.